Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hope will never die

One of my more cheery poems

Alone she sat
And stared out the window
Looking into space
At nothing in particular
She was thinking,
Speculating about her life
He had cheated her
He had lied to her
She was devastated
Everything was dark and bleak
For her eyes
She felt stifled
She had lost hope
Thing would never be better
She kept telling herself
But then she saw
A flash of color
A glimpse of beauty
The butterfly fluttered
In front of her eyes
And a tiny glimmer of hope
Grew slowly, deep in her heart
That maybe, just maybe
Things weren’t dark after all
The tiny insect perched on the sill
She looked at its colors
And realized that
That things weren’t so bad
If that butterfly could be happy
She could be happy too
And finally she understood that

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