Friday, August 15, 2008

two more

This is one I wrote in December 2006

She stared at the sky
Looking but not seeing
A million thoughts
Crashing in her head
Like waves on a shore.
So many questions
Not one answer.
So much anger
So much frustration
Bubbling inside her
Ready to spew out
Like a dormant volcano
Asleep, but not fully.
A chaos of emotions
A jumble of feelings
Raged inside her
As she tried
To find a meaning
In the dark starless sky.

This one I wrote because I was bored. Its not very good though.

She walked on the beach
Her slippers dangling
From her hand.
Her feet trailed through
The fine sand
Which slipped through her toes.
The wind whipped her hair
Around her face.
She tasted the sea spray
On her lips.
Then she stooped
And picked up a shell.
She emptied the water out of it
And held it to her ear
And in that instant
She held the ocean
In her hands...

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