Monday, September 22, 2008

The haunted mansion.

A story I wrote a little while back. I thought it came out quite well...

"Geoffrey, Geoffrey, I need you now. Where has that butler disappeared again? He is never here when I need him. He must have dozed off again. He was never so irresponsible."
"Madam, you called?"
"Yes Geoffrey, it is time for my tea. Have you forgotten?"
"I'm sorry, madam. I'll be back in a minute."

I walked towards the library, my favourite place in Windsor Manor. The Manor is my home and has been for a long time. It was built by my great great grandfather, Sir Bertram Wooster. I grew up here and spent my happiest times here. I found my favourite armchair and picked up my much thumbed copy of Pride and Prejudice. Mr.Darcy was always my favourite character. I always dreamt of marrying a man as handsome and mysterious as him.

Thinking of Mr.Darcy brought back a lot of memories of Him. His name was Lyle Kennedy and he was the most handsome man I'd ever seen. Beautiful blonde hair styled in the latest fashion of those times, soft grey eyes as spellbinding as the overcast sky in November. I was 18 when I met him, full of childish hopes and dreams and his eyes stole my breath away the instant I saw him.

I laugh now, thinking of the way I used to dress up for him. My best blue dress, my corset pulled so tight I had difficulty breathing, blue ribbons in my strawberry blonde hair; I was the belle of the county. Boys used to line up to dance with me but my heart belonged to someone else. My heart used to flutter everytime Lyle spoke to me and I caught my breath everytime I gazed into his captivating grey eyes.

I still remember every conversation we had, every walk we took along the borders of Wisteria Forest, the pink rose he gave me everytime he saw me..... all those happy times. I was a child, carried away be by his intoxicating conversation. I built castles in the air never expecting them to come crashing down so unexpectedly. I still blush when I remember those words, "Love, I am like the wind, never still. But you have captured the wind and made it want to stay forever in your little hands."

I was angry at him for going away so soon. "I have to fight, darling. The country is at war. They need all the help they can get. Dont't worry, you will be forever mine," he whispered before he galloped away. I looked till I could see him no more and then spent everyday waiting for him to come back. My heart would leap with joy whenever I saw a man on a horse and thensink again when I realised it wasn't him. I stopped singing or dancing and would read his love letters over and over again.

Then he was back. Lieutanant Lyle Kennedy. my darling was home and I vould smile again. But I sensed a change. He would suddenly stare away vacantly and his mesmerising grey eyes would fill with sadness. I tried to understand his pain but 21 year old baby that I was, I couldn't lift him out of his sadness. His smile never touched his eyes and it seemed like my Lyle was gone.

I remember every minute of that fateful day when my castles shattered. I was in the library in this very chair when Geoffrey came in and said,"Madam, something has happened." My heart stopped and I ran out to see Lyle on the ground, eyes closed, chest cstill. I refused to believe that he would never talk again.. I was shocked into oblivion. :He was riding and fell off his horse. he broke his neck. he died instantly and there was no pain." All those words stabbed at me like knives. It was my fault. I couldn't keep the wind from blowing far away. Hewas gone, never to come back. he came like a rush of emotions and left like a forgotten dream. I think I fainted and I remember them carrying me to my bed. All I could see were his closed eyes, his mouth which would never smile again. All I could hear were the words, "Forever mine."

"Madam, the tea is here."

I think I must have dozed off. My eyes were wet, I had been crying again. I sipped my tea and Geoffrey lit the fire.

Everyone left after that day. They went away never to come back. Only Geoffrey stayed to take care of me. I stayed on in this house never to leave. How could I? It was the only place I was ever happy. It was the only place I knew.

The tourists were back. I could hear the guide explaining the history of my home, my life. They reached the library and all of them screamed at the same time. they turned and ran away screaming, "ghost, ghost!!!" for that is what I am. Death by shock they said. Death because of heartbreak I say......

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