Monday, September 29, 2008


I had written a poem before fear... I had actually planned to write more after the last line but eventually left it as it was.

All I see is darkness.
I am sinking
Falling through space.
For the light at
The end of the tunnel.
Any glimmer of hope
In the sea of despair.
I'd almost given up
And let go...
Then I felt it,
A hand in mine
Pulling me up
Guiding me.
I looked for a face
And then I saw them,
Warm brown eyes
Reassuring me that
All wasn't lost.
Encouraging me to
Hold on a little while longer.
Showing me that
I wasn't alone
And that someone cared..
Telling me that
When I needed help
I would find it.
I only had to trust...

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