Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some lines I think are worth sharing..

These are some lines that i made up. I think they sound nice...

Some rules are meant to be followed,
Some promises meant to be kept
And some hearts meant to be left whole...

It is when you dont look at all that you find what you need..

The promised land will find you if you deserve to find it..

We will meet
Some other time
Another place
Some same old thoughts
Another face...

These are some things i have read or heard or someone has told me..

He came like a rush of emotions and left like a forgotten dream.

Better than to scorn is to destroy and recreate.

Where the mystery of love stops,
The romance begins
It is good to live afresh each moment
With an unsuspecting thorn or kiss around the bend
Than to live in a land of make believe bliss...

Words are almost always too simple to express emotions, because emotions aren't love and hate, they are not just black or white, they are as enigmatic as the very soul itself, but they are damnably beautiful.

Life is like a book waiting to be edited, where the nice parts are bound to be cut out.

This was a collaboration between Sameer and me..

You and i are just a line in the book of history,
Not even a line,we are the space between words.
True..but an integral space without which the words would not make sense.
we are the silence after and before the storm
Without realising it is us who causes the storm
We are the silence and the creators of storms
We are instruments, we are the notes which make up the tune
...the tune of life...


Nitya said...

"He came like a rush of emotions and left like a forgotten dream."

^ I louu. :D

Nitya said...

have i meantioned how much i love ALL these lines??

L.a.l.i.t.a D.h.a.n.v.a.d.a said...

I personally liked 2 of them a lot:

1) "He came like a rush of emotions and left like a forgotten dream."

2) The one written by you and Sameer. Words and spaces; beautiful analogy.

Ayesha said...

@ Lalithakka - Even that line is by Sameer. It's my favourite line ever. And thank you, yet again.