Friday, November 21, 2008

HAve a seat upon a cloud..

This is a poem I read in Chicken Soup for the teenage soul 3.. I thought I should share it..

Have a seat upon a cloud and make yourself at home
You are now inside my dreams, inside a book, inside a poem.

Where anything can happen if you only make it real
Plunge into my waters if you're not afraid to feel.

Take off your shoes and close your eyes, relax upon my sand
Join me in my land of dreams, reach out and take my hand.

Let me share my dreams with you until you find your own
I'll take you there if you'll believe, take mine out on loan.

Where birds are words so gracefully they glide across the sky
Leave behind your worries, here the rules do not apply.

Pick my flowers if you like and plant a seed or two
Paint the sky in polka dots if you do not like it blue.

Climb my trees, face your fears; erase them one by one
See the world from up above and don't stop at the sun.

When the world starts raining down and the sun is out of sight
Let your dreams control your mind and help you through the night.

There's a place inside my dreams for all who care to roam
So have a seat upon a cloud and make yourself at home.
Danielle Rosenblatt

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