Monday, November 17, 2008

my latest attempt

I wrote this poem last night. Its one of my worst worst attempts... Proceed at your own risk.. You have been warned..

I am standing at a crossroads
Looking at everyone
Around me.
Left behind as the crowd
Surges forward.
I gaze with forlorn longing
At the determined
Focused faces,
Minds with paths charted out,
Feet leading them firmly
Down their destined roads.
And I look at myself,
Wondering if there ever will be a way
My own road to take.
I hate this feeling of
I don't want a mirror anymore
To show me my faults,
My failures,
My shortcomings.
What i need,
is a guiding hand
A force, a greater being
To show me the way
Give me a hint
Light up a path..

I look at the others
And feel small, worthless
I wonder if I will ever
Leave a mark on anyone, anything.
And I ask again,
Yet again,
If I have a purpose,
A reason for being..

Now if you dont like it join the club, I dont like it either.

1 comment:

Rohini said...

The sense of confusion comes across very well.