Monday, December 15, 2008

just some thoughts..

I was just thinking and came up with this..

Human genius, human emotions and human stupidity are infinite, it is said. But will there come a time in the lifetime of this planet when all the tunes that can be played will be played; when there will be no more tunes to play; when all the possible combinations of all the notes will be found...? Will there ever come a time when everything that can ever be written will be written; when there will be nothing more left to express, nothing more left to be conveyed through words on paper; when there will be no more ideas for books or stories or poems..? Is it possible that maybe one day, there will be no emotions left to feel; no pain, no sorrow, no happiness? Will there come a day when originality and creativity will fade away like old memories or colours on a canvas? Will there come a time when everything will come to an intellectual standstill, when there will be no flow of ideas because it has all been said and done before? Is genius really infinite or for that matter, is anything infinite? Life, love, friendship, happiness, the universe even?


Nitya[Official No.1 Fan] said...

dude, your random thoughts sound so awesome. :|

Ayesha said...

Not that awesome :)