Sunday, August 2, 2009

As I say goodbye today

I wrote this poem a long time back as a farewell poem for my friends. I meant to put it up when I wrote it but I just never got around to it. It's very normal but it says what I was thinking.

As I say goodbye today
I look back on all the happy times we have had
We shared a lot of laughs
I smile when I remember the goofiness
And all the silly jokes
I wonder if the distance will weaken
The bridges we have built between our hearts
So many fond memories...
The sleepovers we had
The movies we watched
All the gossip
The silly arguments
The secrets we shared.
I close my eyes
And I can still see all the places we used to go to
And all the time we used to waste
I flip through the pictures we took
And I realize that leaving
Is going to be very hard
Every picture
Every memory
Every bad joke
Every random thought
Is going to remain etched on my heart and mind..
I’m preparing to step out into the world
And I will miss the support
That I knew was always there
I will always remember the sound of your laughter
And hope that time and distance
Will not affect the beautiful friendship we shared...
I know that as I grow older
The pictures may fade
And so might the memories
But the love
Will never be erased,
Never diminish
And never disappear...
Goodbye dear friend..
And thank you for everything..


Nitya said...


Ayesha said...

Thank you :)

ME said...

clearly one of the best farewell poems i have read!! love the thing about time weakening the bridges b/w your hearts and the mention of 'a bad joke' and the thing about closing your eyes and seeing all the places... LOVE IT!

Ayesha said...

Thank you :D