Thursday, October 15, 2009

Random observations

Random observations I've made. I know I'm stating the obvious.

Beware of someone who's being unusually nice to you. It usually means they need something from you.

Highs are very high and then lows hit. They're the worst.

People are unpredictable. Very unpredictable.

A person's mind is a maze you do not want to enter. Because if you do, there's no way you can find your way out.

Good music and good books can be great friends. The best things when you don't want people around you because they take you to a world where things aren't as bad as they really are.

Walking is more than an exercise. It's a great way to think. But then too much thinking is never good either.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finally something :)

Finally wrote something which I think is worth putting up.

You know how things can bite you in the arse? Trust is one of those things. It can come back and haunt you. Don’t give it away easily. Once you let it go, it can wreak all kinds of havoc. It can mess with your head. It makes you hope it’s a release from loneliness. It makes you believe, that you can’t, won’t be hurt. Nope. Trust can hurt; it can hurt so bad that nothing else matters. Trust gone wrong, trust misplaced, is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Because the pain is not physical, it’s mental, which is worse. It can make you want to kick yourself. Misplaced, broken trust is what starts the whole chain of doubt and questions.

So don’t let anyone know you better than you know yourself. Always, always keep your guard up because letting someone in can be the biggest mistake you ever make. Don’t let someone touch you so much that when they leave you can’t take it. Don’t let them in so much that when they go, you feel like a fool because that feeling does not feel good.

Trust – it can bite you hard..