Monday, November 16, 2009

The perfect coffee

The perfect coffee. It can be magic and no, I’m not talking about the company. I am talking about that one completely perfect cup of coffee. That perfect blend of strong, sweet and milky. That is what I’m looking for. I’ve made it a quest to discover my perfect cup of coffee here in Pune. And if it is cheap, then nothing like it. True South Indian filter coffee is definitely the best, but I am willing to settle for anything else that matches up.

Getting that perfect blend is an art. It takes skill to brew that coffee. That coffee which can sweep you off your feet. It does things to you, a good cup of coffee. It warms you up from the very core. It can make a headache disappear. It can literally carry you away with its flavour. It can make your taste buds dance to its tune; literally create music. It can make the worst day better. It is the perfect companion on a cloudy day. It is a good book’s best friend. It can be as great as a big hug. It’s well, beautiful.

I’ve tasted coffee at 6 places so far. The coffee at the college canteen comes from a machine and it’s not great but it’s cheap. The coffee from Fasos also comes from a machine, costs only 7 rupees and is actually quite good, but it’s not IT. The coffee at Kalyani veg, a south Indian restaurant, cost around 15 rupees and was strong but watery. Venkatraman came highly recommended but disappointed; the coffee was bland and a disgrace to south Indian coffee. Cafe Coffee Day’s cappuccino came very close to that perfection. It was a little heavy on the pocket though. The coffee at St. Laurn, a hotel at Koregaon Park was again bad.

I was so desperate to satisfy my coffee craving that I actually walked into Cafe coffee day and had a blonde moment. I walked in with my friends and then wondered out loud, "would they have coffee here?" Yes, I did it, but I meant the perfect coffee and just forgot to mention it :D

There are many more places to go and I will not rest till I’ve found my perfect coffee. Till I’ve experienced that blend which can play havoc with my taste buds, magic in a cup.

I will keep updating as to my progress.

May the force be with me :D


ME said...

Partner in Crime says GO! GO! GO!
It's out there somewhere and we know it! As we do also that when you finally find it... I'll be sitting right there, wiping a tear and saying something like "There's my Girl!" (Okay! I am willing to rework that:))

Ayesha said...

hahahahaha :D Sure. There will be tears and things :D

Jolene said...

Your style of writing - Beautiful

Ayesha said...

Thank you so much Jolene :)