Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Dreams. They can be very dangerous. They are even scarier than nightmares. Only because you know nightmares will not haunt you in real life, but with dreams, you hope they come true. And that hope can be devastating. Dreams can play in your head, over and over again, like a tape on rewind, or one of those old record players which is stuck at the same spot on the record. You begin to wish. You begin to hope even more. And that's when the harmless dream can take on certain nightmarish qualities.

Dreams are most dangerous when you lose track of the line that separates them from reality, hope from truth. When that line blurs and the dream seems real, true, that's when you know you're in trouble. That's when you need to wake up and smell the coffee. You need to know that difference between the pictures and life. You need to be able to enjoy the film and then know that reality beckons.

That is what life is about. Knowing the difference. Recognising it. And most important, accepting it. Because the consequences otherwise can be shattering.

The perfect coffee 6

It's called Adiga's and it's in Bangalore. 8 rupees, a small steel glass and a bowl. It's amazingly south indian, if that is a term I can use to describe coffee :) I loved it. It was worth every penny spent on it and the experience of drinking something so lovely, was something by itself. Adiga's needs to come to Pune. And I think its South Indian food is better than Vaishali's, no offence meant to anyone. It'd do better business I think...

French Loaf also has some really good coffee. And the coffee at Gloria Jean's Coffee is also worth a mention. They have some really good ginger cookies which go very well with a steaming mug of coffee.

Till next time, the coffee spree continues.