Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The perfect coffee 6

It's called Adiga's and it's in Bangalore. 8 rupees, a small steel glass and a bowl. It's amazingly south indian, if that is a term I can use to describe coffee :) I loved it. It was worth every penny spent on it and the experience of drinking something so lovely, was something by itself. Adiga's needs to come to Pune. And I think its South Indian food is better than Vaishali's, no offence meant to anyone. It'd do better business I think...

French Loaf also has some really good coffee. And the coffee at Gloria Jean's Coffee is also worth a mention. They have some really good ginger cookies which go very well with a steaming mug of coffee.

Till next time, the coffee spree continues.


TeNsEiGa To Me said... fair...i thought MG Road was far away as it how am i supposed to come to B'lore??

Ayesha said...

true that :| We'll find a way :D