Friday, January 8, 2010

The dark side

Every one of us has a dark side; a person inside us who whispers in the night. It hums lullabies so the nightmares can take over. Our dark side fills our head with false hopes. It makes us weep in the darkness. It fills the mind with doubt, fear; sheer, suffocating blackness. Our dark side chokes our dreams and drains away our happiness. It is slow; clawing stealthily forward like the mist. It is a claustrophobic, impenetrable fog. It attacks when we least expect it. It poisons, it maims. With its icy cold dagger it stabs through our strength, pulling us away from the light, the love.

Life is a daily struggle to keep the darkness at bay. It is a fight to keep the dark side hidden in a box, locked away, deep inside the chambers of our mind. Life is all about finding the strength to keep going; to push away the pain; to not shrivel up, hideaway and give up.

Sometimes we win. Sometimes we lose.

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