Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fading Beauty

Wrote this for a competition. Not my best.

It all comes to an end
The circle of life
The circle of love
The theory of being.

The colours on a canvas fade away
The letters yellow with age
The memories dim
Friendships end
Love is lost
Never to be found again.

The sun sets in a blaze of colours.
It ushers in the night.
The light gives way to darkness.
Happiness gives way to sorrow.
Hope fades into despair.

faces wrinkle.
Eyes no longer shine bright.
The smile doesn't come as easily as it used to.

Words lose their meaning.
Pieces don't fit.
The music is tuneless
The instruments break.

Everything comes full circle.
Life always ends
All of us disappear.
Slowly, surely, steadily.
We fade away into shadows.
Like we had never existed...


Akanksha Arya said...

It would have been better if it could have been structured. Especially in each verse, you could have connected every sentence. And the first and the last para could easily have been interlinked. But then with the time restriction, I dont know how that would have worked.

Ayesha said...

Oh well... I didn't like it much. So I didn't exactly try that hard.

Mashantha said...

It's nice only but when u say "circle" its technically never-ending no? So maybe if you could have ended it on a more hopeful note, like hope rekindling or something, it'd be better...the end signals the beginning. Always.

Ayesha said...

@ Mashantha - But i wanted a sad feel to it. That's why I didn't end with hope.

Chaya said...

I had written something in thats like nearly 3 decades back..but on a positive note that "somehow and somewhere" I will still be in this world even when everything else fades away...cant remember the exact words but it got me a prize.

Ayesha said...

That's brilliant :)