Monday, March 29, 2010


You know how in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy clicked her heels three times and wished really hard that she was back home... I wish sometimes that I had a way to wish really hard and see my wishes come true.

Aladdin and his lamp, Ali Baba and the cave, Cinderella's fairy godmother, Alice and wonderland, Oz, a closet which opens up into another world - they endured for so long. They still endure and still captivate because in all their innocence they say what we are too scared to admit. With simple words and rhyme, they convey what we are too afraid to say out loud.

That we can't cope. That sometimes it all gets too much to handle. That sometimes the games hurt. That sometimes people mean more than they should. That dependency can make you weak. That trust can break you. That walls sometimes crumble and are hard to build again. That sometimes people affect you more than they should.

I wish I could believe in magic. I wish that for a little while I could believe in things like magic shoes, closets, rabbitholes, godmothers and lamps. That for a little while I could believe in escaping.

But then, I can't run away can I? I can't wish things away. I can't escape. And I learn to hide my thoughts behind a joke, a smile. Because in the end, those stories will remain stories, and life will remain in reality.

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