Monday, May 31, 2010

The perfect coffee 10

So I'm in Chennai - Coffee central.

I had coffee and butter biscuits from a tiny cafe down the road from my workplace. It was filter coffee with a Chennai twist :)

A coffee after dinner. Not a very good habit but oh well. I had dinner at Taj Coromandel the other night. A huge, tasty meal and I was so full, I could hardly move. But then the waiter comes up and asks "Madam, would you like a cup of coffee." You can guess what I said :) So it was a great meal rounded off by some really good coffee. The Taj after all :) And this was also the first time I tried my coffee with demerara sugar. It gives the coffee a different flavour altogether.

Breakfast was at the Lemon Tree hotel in Guindy. A huge, late breakfast which kept me going till dinnertime. And after pancakes, a mushroom omellette, bacon (which I completely and totally love, but that is another story), toast with extra butter and sausages, a cup of coffee just rounded out the whole meal. Though I must say it was just OK. Not as good as I expected it to be.

It would be blasphemy if I didn't write about the coffee which my grandmother makes for me almost every day. After I get home from work and have dinner, she boils the milk and makes the filter coffee decoction for the next day. And when I ask for a cup she makes it just right, just like that.

My mother wonders where the sudden obsession came from because coffee was an occassional thing in Hyderabad. I can't seem to explain why, or how. But the coffee lover in me has risen and is here to stay. I think it's very very odd that she can't even stand the smell of coffee :)

I'm on the lookout for a coffee mug. I have one really good, BIG one which my aunt bought from Cafe Coffee Day and I love it. But I still want a mug which is me. It's hard to explain but I think that I still need my own, particular distinctive mug because anyone could have a CCD mug :) Any ideas, suggestions - please share.

I need to visit this place my mother told me about. A small corner where they sold "metre coffee" and butter biscuits near the college where she studied a long, long time back :P Must make time for it, because my trip would be incomplete without it.

The craze continues. And those who still keep up with these posts, thank you. I shall promise not to disappoint :D

May the force be with me, and you :)


Akanksha Arya said...

I follow. I want one coffee for fee. :D

Ayesha said...

It's a done deal. :D

Neil said...
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Neil said...

U study in a college full of mugs!! just pick up any one :P

Ayesha said...

@ Neil - but the VAST amount of choice has me completely confused :P