Monday, June 28, 2010

The perfect coffee 12

Barista is overrated. I tried a plain cappuccino and it was just ok. Enough said.

But then Costa coffee happened :D That is one PERFECT cup. I went to the Costa Coffee in Pune and ordered a cappuccino. It was beautiful. I enjoyed it so much. It cost Rs. 60 including taxes but it was worth every penny. Thank you Ketki Bhosale, for taking me there :)

I thought Pune is coffee hell. Turns out, it isn't all that bad after all :)

Till next time, when you enjoy a cuppa, think of me :P :)

Monday, June 14, 2010


The power of the mind can move mountains. They say that if you want something hard enough, then the universe will conspire to make it happen.

My question is this, "what if someone else in this vast universe wants the opposite just as hard?" What happens then. Who does the universe listen to?

And all that jazz about if it has to happen, it eventually will, someway, somehow. What if two minds are wishing and praying for two different things? What "eventually happens" then?

How does the universe make up its mind? :)

I seem to think that a coin toss is the answer. All our lives are decided by a coin toss. That's how the universe decides who to listen to. It throws a coin into the air and a heads or a tails decides who it is going to listen to *shrugs*

Worth thinking about right?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The perfect coffee 11

Saturday, 5th June 2010.

Two different places. Two different types of coffee.

I first had filter coffee at ID, a restaurant in Sathyam theatre. The coffee costed 30 rupees and was disappointing to say the least. It wasn't hot enough, and wasn't worth the money I paid.

We moved then to City Centre. And Gloria Jean :) Those who have read this space would remember that I've mentioned Gloria Jean before. Well, at this Gloria Jean I decided to try a GJC cold coffee instead of a hot coffee. And it was kinda expensive, but it tastes very good. I sneaked a taste of my friend's hot coffee and it tasted just like I remembered it.

I think I've forgotten to mention the coffee I get at work. Even though it isn't perfect, the fact that they give me coffee whenever I ask for it, even though I'm just an intern, is nice. It helps me get through the boring parts of work :)

Till next time, enjoy your cuppa. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy birthday

I remember how we ended up talking. You were on the stairs and I was in the 5th floor corridor and we shot questions at each other. Stupid choices. :)

Panchgani. I was having a minor issue and you madam, just sat in the auditorium with me. Then you went on stage and I broke your glasses. Sorry about that :) But I managed to speak too and you stood there, near my chair, again, without saying a word. But you stayed.

On my birthday, we sat and talked outside college. Just because we wanted to.

We stayed outside French Loaf, talking one evening, for I don't know how long.

I gave you your first taste of cold coffee from CadB place :D I know you are eternally grateful, no need to say it :P

You took time out to see me when I was leaving for Hyderabad. just because I called and said come.

You give me bone crushing hugs :)

You let me rant that day. Made me rant, in fact. And took all of it.

You're an idiot. And I don't know how it happened, but I'm glad it did, that you made a place for yourself in my life.

I don't let people in. But you made me. And I don't regret it.

I love you. And I mean it.

Happy birthday and I get repetitive I know, but words are all I have :)

Guess what's playing in the background as I write this :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

To you

Words are all I have. To give to you. To make you smile.

So this is for you.

For being there when I never expected you to be.
For suddenly materialising out of the shadows. And smiling.
For saying the right things.
For trying.
For helping.
For listening.
For the colours.
For the images.

Thank you.

And these are simple, cliched words.

But that's all I can give you.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Small things

I started a story. Wrote this. And then decided I didn't like the story. So I scrapped the story and kept this part. Yes. It's true. I am capable of this too :| Sometimes, I surprise myself. It's everything I laugh at, but I write it well, I think.

It is small things you do which make me smile. It is those small interactions that I remember. I doubt constantly whether I matter to you. I doubt constantly whether you care. I ask over and over what difference I make to you because I feel like I don’t matter. But when you put out a hand when we are crossing the road even though you know I can cross by myself, for that second, I don’t doubt. When you hold my hand on those rare occasions, for that minute, I’m happy. When you tickle me and run away, for those few minutes, I laugh. When you get defensive when I make fun of you, for that moment I see that you care what I think of you. When you want to know what happens in my life and you are offended when I don’t tell you, I rethink what we have between us. When you kiss me, for that moment I believe everything is perfect. When you hug me, for that one moment, I am complete. When you seek me out, I feel better. When our hands brush against one other, for that millisecond, I forget what we don’t have. When you want to share your thoughts with me and you seek me out, for that moment, no one else exists. When you give me a high five, for that second, I feel like everything’s as it should be. When you care about me falling sick, for that moment, I believe we can be. When you say you love me, for that moment, I want to believe that it’s true even though it isn’t. When you don’t say anything, for that one moment, even silence seems precious.


Words are sometimes so inadequate. But they have power.

Words can move mountains and they can break hearts. Words leave wounds that fester and burn. They leave scars that remain for an eternity, deep ones. Words are magic. And words are knives, sharpened to a point. Words have history. They hold secrets. Words are weapons - of love, of pain. Words are a release. They are expression. Words are a cage, chains which bound. Words are a mask to hide the truth. Words ARE the truth.

Words are inadequate. WORDS HAVE POWER.

Is it?

Is it supposed to be so hard?

To push through.
To make sure my mask doesn't slip.
To make sure that it all stays hidden away.
To keep face.
To hold the facade up.
To act my part.
To reconstruct the walls I thought would never break.
To get back what I lost.
To put the pieces back together.
To find all those pieces.
To lock up my thoughts in a box again, and hide the key that I vowed never to give to anyone, but did.
To keep my smile.
To watch someone else enjoy what was once mine.
To lose graciously.
To find, to fix.

Is it supposed to be so hard?