Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The perfect coffee 11

Saturday, 5th June 2010.

Two different places. Two different types of coffee.

I first had filter coffee at ID, a restaurant in Sathyam theatre. The coffee costed 30 rupees and was disappointing to say the least. It wasn't hot enough, and wasn't worth the money I paid.

We moved then to City Centre. And Gloria Jean :) Those who have read this space would remember that I've mentioned Gloria Jean before. Well, at this Gloria Jean I decided to try a GJC cold coffee instead of a hot coffee. And it was kinda expensive, but it tastes very good. I sneaked a taste of my friend's hot coffee and it tasted just like I remembered it.

I think I've forgotten to mention the coffee I get at work. Even though it isn't perfect, the fact that they give me coffee whenever I ask for it, even though I'm just an intern, is nice. It helps me get through the boring parts of work :)

Till next time, enjoy your cuppa. :)


Anonymous said...

The place at Satyam is "ID" not idly!! hahahaha!!

Ayesha said...

fine :D I'll change it.