Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Wannabes

I wrote this for a creative writing assignment. We were asked to write a satirical piece on 'the wannabes'. This is what I came up with . *shrugs*

Disclaimer - Any offence taken by any person living or dead is not the author's fault or responsibility. :P :D

The meaning of life. The meaning of being. The purpose of life.

These are questions that all of us ask. Why us? Why this planet? To what purpose?

And then the answer comes. Like an epiphany, out of the blue. We are here to be somebody; to do great things. We have people to meet, worlds to save after all.

And to this end we strive to BE somebody. We wear our cool loose khadi kurtas, the torn baggy jeans and how could I forget to mention the ever-present jhola? We sit around the chai tapris, sipping cups of tea expounding on the problems of the world. We put on the accents, and sagely nod our heads. We shake our heads at the right intervals and lament the disintegration of the society. We stand on our imaginary soap boxes and dish out gyaan which seemingly came to us as we were walking along the footpath thinking about life. We stand in front of paintings and talk about the anguish of the artist as he made those brush strokes. We listen to the Beatles and Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley, humming tunelessly, bobbing our heads with the music.

But we forget that we don’t really know about the problems of the world. We know no great truths. We do not understand the point of that painting. It was made when the artist was drunk for all we know, a mere accident. We do not actually like the music, and we don’t know the words.

This my friends, is the truth. And this my friends, is how we live. Pretence and lies. For that is how we must save the world.

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Amit upadhyaya said...

What a WANNABE description!!