Monday, October 11, 2010

A story

Stories have a character of their own. I don't mean the characters that make the story but the story itself. A story lives and breathes and grows and changes. With the person who tells it, writes it, listens to it. Every story changes every time it is told, read, heard.

Acquiring different shades, different meanings, different interpretations, a story has a life of its own. The moment it leaves the mind, it becomes a living being. A story feels, flows, melts, transforms, mutates and lives.

Every story is a piece of imagination. A character that starts from an idea. A small wisp of smoke like the one an extinguised candle leaves behind. That's what a story looks like. And then when that small wisp of smoke that blows away with the slightest movement of the air, dissipates into the atmosphere, escapes the confines of the mind, breathes and grows stronger, the character is born.

And that is a story.

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