Monday, November 22, 2010


Fear is a crushing emotion. It grips your heart, twists your mind. Worse than the fear of the tangible is the fear of the intangible. The fear of dependency. The fear of loss. The fear of pain. The fear of embarrassment. The fear of ridicule. The fear of fear itself.

When you know what your fear is, you can recognise it, you can deal with it. But when the fear creeps up on you, when it was never there but suddenly is, that's the hardest to cope with. Because then, you didn't know how it happened, and you didn't know when. But it did happen. That thing which you never even bothered about now has it's teeth sunk in you. That fear which was once something you scoffed at, jeered at, now has come back to take revenge.

Fear, dear reader, is something you must protect against. Because fear, can kill. Slowly and painfully.

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