Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sometimes realization can hit you so hard that you get the breath knocked out of you.

With all the force of a wrecking ball, it slams into the walls of your mind. And before you can even blink, the ideas you once had lie in smithereens around your feet.

That your carefully guarded moat had sleeping crocodiles. That those high walls had weak foundations. That the secrets you held locked up are now everyone's to know. That the diary has been read. That you have changed, irrevocably and irreversibly. That everything you warned yourself against crept up on you.

Worse than all of this, is the realisation that maybe you let it happen. That maybe you wanted it to happen. And that maybe you allowed it to happen.

So what do you do after being sucker-punched right between the eyes?

Make sure no one sees the black eye of course.


Rohini said...

Wow. I love this. So simple but speaks so truly of things I can relate to. I love the crocodile-moat image.Makes me think of the cartoons I saw as a kid and realize that the protection was there for namesake. One's really got to protect themselves. And yes, we can realize that we may have let it happen because with some weird notions, we wanted it to. Human nature's so strange sometimes. I love this post though. One of your best!

Ayesha said...

Human nature is one thing no one will ever be able to figure out :) One messy department it is.

And thank you :) So much :)

The Wanderer said...

A little self interrogation does lead to many happy realisations

Ayesha said...

This isn't exactly a happy realisation :/