Friday, December 31, 2010

The film industry loves making films about speed and unstoppable vehicles. The train is on a track going at a breakneck speed and it need to be stopped. Or the bus is fitted with a bomb which will explode if the speed falls below a certain level. Etc etc etc.

What if you know for sure that the path you have chosen is going to end in a walloping crash? That the moment you stepped on it, you set out on a journey that will end in disappointment? What if you are on a vehicle that is set to blow up and you know it? What if all the choices you have made culminate in a dramatic mushroom cloud of smoke?

Do you jump off? Or do you enjoy the ride while it lasts?


The Wanderer said...

Did you just see something like 'The Burning Train' or 'Speed'?
Another possible introspection... What is the psychology of a suicide bomber?

Ayesha said...

Didn't watch either of the two :) I just like using metaphors :D

And that is one question that I don't even want to touch :/

Raveena said...

It all depends on what's at stake!

Happy New Year, Ayesha! To making choices that make life worth it! :)

Ayesha said...

Raveena, that is am aspect that I have thought of. And THAT is a question by itself :P :)

A very happy new year to you too :D