Thursday, December 23, 2010


A shadow of the past
A faint glimmer of who I once was
The mirror shows me a different person
A new face, a new smile
Shallow, empty, fake.

Every choice I made.
Built the person I am,
And destroyed the person I was.

Promises broken, blank words.
Water under the bridge they call it.

Defences breached
Only to cause despair and ruin inside the castle.
Fear and doubt,
Constant companions.

Trust misplaced.
Expectations ground into the dirt.
Disappointment at every turn.

All the change,
Fruitless, useless, needless

No masks left.
The costumes all torn
The dialogues all ancient history
The lights smashed
The stage shattered

Leaving me wrecked
Feeling disgusted.
Unappreciated, unloved, deserted.

Leaving me


Sukriti said...

The lines you added- WOW!
I love this one! You know why.

Ayesha said...

Thank you :)