Friday, February 18, 2011

Man is a social animal. He feeds off other humans. he needs relationships to stay alive. He needs interaction and communication, of any kind to survive.

The problem is, these interactions and relationships are often just as detrimental to a person's survival as starvation or dehydration. Because some relationships sap your energy and peace of mind. They play with your head and make you forget who you are. They change you, fundamentally, on a core level. They make you doubt and question and lie and fear. They make you trust and believe. Worst of all, they make you hope, for more than you ever will get. They make you expect. And just as easily, they destroy your expectations. Kapow!

Relationships are a catch 22 situation. You can't live without them. And they destroy you when you are in them.


The Wanderer said...

A lot depends on how you think - heart or mind?

Ayesha said...

Mind. All the way.

Also, a little explanation. The post was really a way for me to express my anger and annoyance. Rant post you might call it.

I don't subscribe to these thoughts all the time.