Thursday, June 16, 2011

How does it feel?

So how does it feel to know that you are completely dispensable in someone's life? All that you thought was important and necessary, suddenly just a pitiful attempt at self-consolation.

How does it feel to know that you do not matter? That you never did. That you were just a waste of space and breath. That you are just as easily replaceable as a broken chair or a dirty pillow cover.

How does it feel to know that the love you gave and the sacrifices you made were secretly laughed at? How does it feel when you realise that the respect you were given was a pacifier, given to a baby to keep it silent and out of everyone's way.

How does it feel to have your beliefs and ideas, which you tried so hard to stand by, thrown back spitefully in your face like a cruel joke? How does it feel to be just a number on the phone, deleted with the click of a button?

How does it feel to have the carpet whipped out from under your feet making you land with a great big thump on your behind? How does it feel to see those painstakingly built castles crash as if they were made of sawdust?

Oh wait.

You don't know?

Well think about it. And prepare yourself.

Because in reality, you never mattered, you never will. You'll disappear like the biodegradable lump of human matter that you really are and no one will even notice.


Rohini said...

'You'll disappear like the biodegradable lump of human matter that you really are and no one will even notice.'

Comforting post :)

Ayesha said...

Yeah, that :s

Inspiration came. Words came. So post came :)

Neetii said...

Ha!!! This is awesome. :D

Ayesha said...

hahahaha :) Thank you :)

Kavya said...

"Inspiration came", huh?
Must have been one hell of an, literally...
:P :D

Nice likes, me almost agrees...

Ayesha said...

Actually, it was just a word, in the book I was proofreading. And then somehow the whole thing just spilled out :)

And yeah, thank you. I like how it turned exactly how I imagined it. That doesn't happen all that often :)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could recall wilde on this ad verbatim. There is always something ridiculous about people we once loved and no longer do.
Its such an inescapable emotion . I never really wondered about those I loved and their ability to perceive this change though .
All of it seems like such a waste of time and effort . If only we weren't ruined by poetry .
Sorry I bat for the other team ? : )
Liked that post .

Ayesha said...

No apologies needed. We're all entitled to our different teams aren't we :P

Thank you for the comment.

Much appreciated.

Akanksha Arya said...

Rather negative.
brightly written though. I was just thinking about how you and Gautham use some of the best comparisons. Gautham fails sometimes, you mostly stand good. :)

Ayesha said...

It is rather negative I know :/

But wow :O Thank you :)

Honestly, I liked the way this post turned out.

And for the last part of that comment, again, thank you so much :)

Anonymous said...

:) why think about it?

Ayesha said...

Because it's better to be prepared :)

Anonymous said...

Where did this inspiration come from?

Ayesha said...

This particular post came from something I was reading. A word set it off and then the rest just came in a flow.

Anonymous said...

Oh,you don't say.

Ayesha said...

Do I sense a hint of sarcasm/doubt in that comment, Mr/Ms. Anonymous?