Friday, June 3, 2011

Shards and pieces

Stillness, stagnation and change.
Oxymorons much?

Repetition and trials
So much gone wrong
So many threads unravelled.
So many pieces broken, lost.

Mistakes, memories.
Millions of thoughts.
Just drifting around.

Irrevocable damage
Unknowingly done.
Irreplaceable pieces
Knowingly discarded.

Masks and mirages.
Hopes and desires.
Regrets and remorse.
Together all
Constantly shifting.

Silence, a lie.
Rest, a luxury.

A release.


Rohini said...

Interesting images woven together. But a little confusing in terms of the flow. But then again: Words, a release. :) Right?

Ayesha said...

I made it confusing on purpose, to convey the confusion in my head.

And yup :)

Akanksha Arya said...

Yeah, so decently done.

I get the whole Itriedtomakeit confusing, but then I don't think that as a whole the vision of whatever the confusion in your head is about (be it everything), comes around as it should in a piece.

Don't get discouraged though! Just saying that you can attempt at it, again and maybe make it even better!

PS: I love the ending. :)

Ayesha said...

Point duly noted.

I hate reworking pieces I've already written. So I shall remember this for the next thing I write :)

Much appreciated :)

Akanksha Arya said...

Oh and pardon my English in the last comment. I gather I am losing it.

And yay! Bestofluck!

Ayesha said...

Ahh issokay :P And yes yes :)

Kavya said...

I loved the ''irrevocable" stanza and then the last two ones..
(Silence...till release)

The beginning sounds very like something I'd expect you to write while you're watching TV and doing an assignment at the same time..
(meaning it's pretty much the usual stuff)

But the ones i mentioned, i loved those - when you say 'silence, a lie' - I'm interpretting it as how there is nothing like "silence" cause the thoughts in your head are ever loud and that close?

:P :D

Ayesha said...

Those are my two favourite paragraphs too :)

And yeah, I guess the beginning is a little juvenile.

What you interpreted is EXACTLY what I was thinking. Spot on.

Kavya said...

:P :D

(oooh...ouch! juvanile...? I didnt exactly...*gulp*...say that...)

Ah, that's nice!! :P :D
I liked reading it that way - glad to know that's what you meant!

Ayesha said...

You didn't say it man. I'm saying it :D

And thank you. It makes me very happy to know you've understood what I meant to convey :)

Kavya said...

Ah...ok ok...
:P :D

You're welcome!