Thursday, October 13, 2011

The cycle

I have realized that sometimes people just don't care. Other people don't matter and when the going gets tough, it's time to get going. They will take and take and take some more as long as there is someone to keep giving. They will use and abuse till there is nothing left. They will use guilt and self-depreciation to their advantage and they will get their own way eventually. As long as there is someone else to take the blame, someone who does not know how to say no, these people will live and thrive, like parasites.

But then again, this is what is necessary for balance in the world. For some to be the suckers who give and others to be the victors who take. For the cycle of life to continue and the wheel of time to spin, there has to be balance. So while we beat ourselves up for being horrible people, others will egg us on and make us give more of ourselves so that eventually, there will be nothing left to give and the cycle will continue.

And we will continue making excuses for these people and we will continue to let our souls go to rot, because that, friends, is what life is all about. Give and more give.