Friday, November 25, 2011

We've all experienced deja vu at some point in our lives. The feeling that what we are going through now has already happened to us before. It's an eerie feeling, no doubt.

Then there is the feeling of knowing that the moment you are experiencing now is a look into your future. Of knowing that this is probably what is waiting for you in some corner of the vast expanse that your life to come. Of knowing that you'll have to learn to deal with exactly this sort of situation because it'll probably repeat itself.

We obsess over the future. And make plans and then decide not to make plans. And contemplate and then decide to let things be. But experiencing a moment of this sort throws us off. It's like looking into a crystal ball and you don't really expect to see anything, but then you do, and it scares you. Because though we try again and again to see what the future holds, the truth remains that we are scared of it. We are funny that way, us humans. Scared of the very same thing we are so desperate to know about.

The fact is that seeing the future in your present is unnerving. Maybe even more than deja vu.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The perfect coffee 14

It's time again for one of those elusive perfect cups. And oh what a perfect cup it was.

The Indian Coffee House, Bangalore. That's where I tasted bliss today. Yes, their coffee could not possible have been disappointing but still. The moment you walk in to the place the smell of coffee overpowers you, surrounds you. And then you sit down at one of the quaint little tables and wait for your cup of coffee to come. When it does come, it is like a small bit of heaven in a cup. It's strong, not too sweet and it's milky also. Best part - it is only Rs. 10.

It made me smile today. When I was feeling down. And that, my friends, it the magic of a good cup of coffee. It makes things better.

Till next time, aloha :)
There is something really scary about knowing how important some people are. How much space they have taken in your life. And how much their absence hurts. It shows that their loss would mean empty spaces and missing pieces.

It is scary knowing that people have made their way in so far that when they leave they will burn their way out. That they will leave trails of destruction in your mind.

But with the fear must also come a calm acceptance. A knowledge that you must be willing to continue wanting and loving, in spite of the pain that is sure to come your way. And only with the acceptance of that sadness will happiness come. I have learnt that accepting that inevitable loss helps make the present happiness sweeter and more important. It makes moments count more. It makes words meaningful. It makes the pain that will come, easier to bear, knowing that the times you had were worth it.

Very few of us reach acceptance. Since it is difficult to understand the need for that inevitable loss and the passage of time.

I'm still getting there. Slowly.