Friday, January 13, 2012

Some addictions are worse than cigarettes or drugs.

What I'm talking about is addiction to a person. Because what it does is give you expectations. You can't expect anything from cigarettes or from weed. You can't expect alcohol to make conversation. You don't expect heroin to love you back. You can buy all of the above for varying amounts of money.

But an addiction to a person is different. You hope. You wish. You dream. And you expect.

You want reciprocation. You want acceptance. And since the addiction isn't to a something, but a someone, there is a whole set of different ideas and perceptions to deal with. While cigarettes and alcohol do not come with hopes and dreams of their own, human beings do. And while all cigarettes are essentially the same and so is all alcohol, humans, every single one of them, are different. Every single one of them comes with a story, baggage, perceptions and more. With cigarettes and alcohol and all the others, the fix is in your control. But with a person, how can you expect to have any control? And while you can throw away a cigarette, pour the alcohol away or blow the weed into the wind, what do you do with a person, a physical entity?

Some addictions are definitely worse than others. And they don't even come with a cure.


aditya said...

well "addictions" can also be as simple and waking up and having a glass of chai in the morning to reading a book before sleeping, the little pleasures and patterns which make us feel better and give us that much required sensory familiarty through an uncertain day. These are things which will unconditionally make you feel good no matter how shitty the rest of your day was.While its true that young love is an amazing high but unlike other addictions its a power outside ones control. So thats why while its possible to have a long and happy relationship with weed or chai or music or even andriod apps etc etc but unconditional love is much harder to find, if not impossible between humans. Well maybe between a human and dogs there is still a chance :) nice post

Ayesha said...

Addiction is different from a routine though.

And yeah, I was basically talking about the danger of getting addicted to a person as compared to a thing.

But yes, it's much harder to find and dogs are definitely a better option :p

Also, thank you :)