Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This is pretty directionless. Just words put together. I just thought they had to be said, one way or another.

Broken hearts and empty promises
Words carelessly spoken
Feelings forgotten
Memories tarnished with time

Caution thrown to the winds
For life must be lived
Moment to moment.
That's what all of them say anyway.

Take it as it comes, they teach us
What will be will be

Let it go, they tell me
Leave it be.

Why think of a future
When there isn't one to be had
Why curse at the fates
When they really have no role to play

And what of the hopes and the prayers?
The desires, the fears?
What of the dreams and the doubts?
The longing and the loathing?

Broken hearts and empty promises
Words, feelings, memories.

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