Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I pick letters off the winds.
String words together into garlands.
With ink-smudged fingers,
On crumpled papers,
I write my dreams.

I see them dance,
The letters, the lines,
I see them sing
Tell tales,
Stories of people in other lands
With dreams of their own,
Sent to me on the wind.

I pick them out
And pen them down
Throw in some of my own
Create and destroy
For what is writing but dreaming
And destroying

For I throw them away
Those words, those garlands
Watch them go
Just as they came
For someone else
In another land
To pick out
And thread,
Like I once did.

They fly

Waiting for curious minds
And inquisitive fingers
To find them
And then they live
And die
Forever floating
On the wind.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This is pretty directionless. Just words put together. I just thought they had to be said, one way or another.

Broken hearts and empty promises
Words carelessly spoken
Feelings forgotten
Memories tarnished with time

Caution thrown to the winds
For life must be lived
Moment to moment.
That's what all of them say anyway.

Take it as it comes, they teach us
What will be will be

Let it go, they tell me
Leave it be.

Why think of a future
When there isn't one to be had
Why curse at the fates
When they really have no role to play

And what of the hopes and the prayers?
The desires, the fears?
What of the dreams and the doubts?
The longing and the loathing?

Broken hearts and empty promises
Words, feelings, memories.
How do you really know you care about someone? How do you truly know?

You know when you want to take their pain and their hurt and make it yours. Only so that they will smile again. And then nothing else matters. You know when you want to erase even the smallest frown that creases their forehead. You know you care when all the work you do and any trouble you take doesn't matter, only because eventually, it makes them happy.

You know you truly care when you wish you could protect them from anything that could hurt them. And you wish you were powerful enough to absorb all of it. Only because then, they would be happy.