Friday, March 16, 2012

We are living in a state of false progress. We believe that we are the generation which can finally change the world. We believe that we think differently, know better, are evolved.

We live in a state of constant denial.

We shroud ourselves in hypocrisy and function in bubbles of safety. We believe that we aren't tied down by the archaic beliefs that bound our parents and grandparents. But we have made chains of our own. Chains of distrust, ignorance and indifference.

We pretend to know so much about everything while knowing absolutely nothing about anything. We talk in cliches and take pride in false promises. We defend our views to the heavens and shut ourselves to those of others. We come from different places and bring the prejudices we grew up with, holding on to them like talismans.

We blame everyone else for the mistakes we make, expect everyone else to pick up our slack. We believe that as rebels we are entitled to special treatment. We curse the system because everyone else is doing it.

We spread the same notions we should be changing, wallow in the filth we should be cleaning up.

We are a flawed generation. Lazy and inept.

We are not changing any worlds.