Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I stare at the hourglass
Too mesmerized by the falling sand
To turn it over
And give us more time
As the seconds flow away
Lost forever,
My hands stay frozen

It's time to say goodbye
Time for the broken hearts
The broken promises
Time to wake up
To see that things were never meant to be

How easy it would be
To just break that glass
Free the sand to the winds
Throw caution and care away
Freeze the moment
Keep it all the same

Then again
The passing of time
Cannot be stopped

The grains of sand flow fast and strong
Counting down the seconds
Till the emptiness
Inside and out

What has been written will come to pass
What was decided at the beginning
Will spell the end

1 comment:

Shibesh Mehrotra said...

Nice thought. But I'm not sure I would really like to stop time. With time stops everything you've ever held true in your life. Nothing matters anymore. What you perceive as right or wrong simply has no meaning anymore. Your thoughts, dreams, aspirations, all go for a toss. All you're left with is a world of mannequins.