Friday, August 31, 2012

Dreams are like clothes. People grow out of them. And then they need to be modified a bit for them to fit again. The stitches need to be let out of the pants, maybe a belt needs to be bought, the shirt might have to be mended.

Sometimes though, the old dreams need to be thrown away, even though the oldest things are the most comfortable. It's like throwing away that tattered blankie, or the oversized shirt with holes in it which smells and feels just right. Like old dreams, which don't fit anymore.

Yes, this coming from a hoarder like me is a little contradictory, but I've understood that some things need to go, only to make place for better ones.

So those old dreams, though comfortable and just right, need to go. Or need to be modified, fixed. Whatever makes them fit better.

Because hey, what else do we work towards but making those dreams come true.

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