Sunday, November 25, 2012

When poems are finally finished
Joined and mended
With glue and tape and everything else that is at hand

When old dreams grow
And fit better
Grow more snug

When you smile
Because you want to.
With no pretense
No masks
No lies

When you realise
You are more
Than you thought
Or even imagined
You were

When you know
That you can go on
And even when life knocks you down
You will get up

When your castles in the air crumble
But you still have the courage
And the hope
To build them back up again

When guilt is a permanent part
Of your very being
Part of the air you breathe
The fabric of your life
And you can make your peace with it
Accept it, instead of forgetting

You know.
You. Just. Know.

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