Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tonight is a night for quiet. For the beauty of the moon calling out to her waves. For the madness of distance. And the warmth of blankets. Tonight is a night for poetry, for longing, for music. It is a night to let desperation to take over. For calm to come when the frustration runs its course. Tonight is a night for the base and the unruly, for the poignant, the intellectual.

Tonight, let us go crazy together, tear each other to pieces, put each other together. Let us break free, tie each other down. Let us forget it all, and then remember. Let us hold each other tight and let each other go.

Tonight is a night for conversation. For silences. For malice, for beauty. For green-eyed jealousy and honey-eyed lust.

Tonight is a night for me and you. For love and beauty. For whispers and screams. For us.

Come to me love, for tonight, is ours.

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