Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lend me your eyes. For you see me in ways I can never see myself. You see potential I don't even think exists. Believe me capable of things I know I cannot do. You think me beautiful, tell me I am pretty.

But when I look into a mirror all I see are my faults. The scars and blemishes. The bruises and bumps and scratches, the scabs and the peeling skin. All I see is imperfection, ugliness, healed over wounds fixed with tape and glue. Missing puzzle pieces.

Lend me your eyes, and maybe then I will see myself the way you see me.


Seema Khinnavar said...

Hey! I'm almost scared to read your next post. I feel like a voyeur in your life. I feel as if I've opened a personal diary.


Ayesha said...

I am so glad that someone reads it at all :) Please don't stop :p

And yeah, I know my posts have that tone. It's just how I write :)

Kavya said...

I read too, dumbass. :D