Saturday, April 27, 2013

Give in

Give in to the darkness

The doubts and fears
Those nagging questions
The nightmares
Surrender to them
Give in to the darkness

Why fight?
You'll lose
Why struggle?
You'll fail
Give in to the darkness

Curl into a ball
Don't push it away
Let it take over
Let it win
Give in to the darkness

Lose yourself
Forget the world
Broken and defeated
Don't hold on so tight
Give in to the darkness

It's cold
It's scary
But it's easier than failing
Give in to the darkness

Let go
And powerless
Give in to the darkness

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This is a different version of something I wrote a few years back. I tried reworking around the same basic idea to see if I could do something new with it. That was called "Her". You can read it here

I close my eyes
And I find him


At least he was
For a little while.

The memories might have faded
The colours not as bright
But even when he left
His pictures stayed

I grew to love him
And I believed,
And hoped.

I poured my words into him
Wrote him poems of longing and love
With my stubby inadequate fingers
I wrote him my thoughts.

But he left,
When he had promised to stay.

And all I have now
Are his pictures.
His smile, his eyes
Etched into my brain.

Pictures where once was laughter
Dust, where once were sandcastles

I created him
After he left
I created us.
From the crumpled sheets and the books
From his scent on my pillows
From the strands of hair on the floor

I kept his pictures and created more.

I created him.

And he...
He destroyed me.