Saturday, July 27, 2013

There are empty spaces in your heart my hands are too small to fill. Conversations I can't have because I don't know the words. Places inside you I cannot go because they are only yours to haunt. There are gaps and lulls that come and go more often than I would like. Problems I cannot fix, ghosts I cannot banish because they appear only to you.

There is broken glass and shattered dreams that eat you from within and cut me when I pick them up. Mountains you have to climb that I cannot climb with you. There are graves you dig for your desires and hopes that I cannot undo. There are distances too far for my tiny feet to traverse, too many miles for my tired limbs to cross. There are continents between us we created, walls we built up I do not have the ability to climb. Masks I cannot see through, lies I cannot spot.

There is much I cannot do. I am an irrational, illogical human being filled with frailties I did not ask for and cannot change.

Know how I know these things? Come closer, and I'll let you in on a secret.

I know because I have them too. The cracks and spaces, the darkness and the nightmares, the walls, the masks, the emptiness. The scars. The stories. I have them too.

We all do.