Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ever need a reminder that you are an inconsequential speck of organic matter on a miniscule speck of dust in an unimaginably vast universe? When your problems seem too overwhelming or your life seems to much to deal with, need a reality check?

Watch the sun set, turning the sky orange and pink and a thousand colours in between. Listen to the waves, their rhythm perfect. See the tides come in and go out, the same way every day, influenced by the charms of a moon millions of miles away. Watch the moonlight glint off the sea, the crests of the waves illuminated by borrowed sunlight. Watch the fish dart in and out of the corals in a compact self-sustainable world. Pick up shells off the beach and watch as the one you picked up is replaced by another with the next wave.

That is when you'll realise that no matter what it is that you do; live, die, exist, it does not matter. You are barely a stitch in the fabric of time and space. An anomaly in the giant scheme of things. The world will continue to sustain without you, as it always has. You make no difference, your worries are pointless, your life meaningless. You come from nothing and will fade away into nothing, part of nothing, belonging to nothing.

A speck of organic matter on a speck of dust.

Reality check?

Ding ding ding!

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