Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Do not show. Do not tell.

Know how it's said that relationships are about honesty and trust? How you should be completely honest with the ones you love? How you need to make sure the person you love knows the good, the bad and the ugly? And how you need to respect them enough to let them decide whether they accept it or not? How love is about taking chances and jumping off a cliff hoping you can fly and any other metaphors the movies and books keep telling you about?

Yeah. About that.


Take it from me, a small no one in a world full of nobodies, who has nothing to her name but some experience, a few words and too many ideas.

Risks can fail. Miserably. Nothing good can ever come out of true honesty.

Write those feelings, those opinions down on pieces of paper and then send them out into the universe. Save them as notes on your phone and drafts on your blog. Anywhere you can get yours hands on that will help you feel like you've gotten them out of your system.

Whatever you do, don't tell.

Don't show how intensely and how much you feel. Don't show the fear, the absolute panic.

You cannot judge, you cannot speak, you cannot let on how much goes on in your head.

How can you show them all that darkness, all those jagged pieces?

You cannot scare them away.

Because if they leave then how will you find anyone to love you again.

Swallow them down, those words, those feelings.

Do not show, do not tell.

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