Saturday, June 28, 2014

Which is worse?

A life never lived or a life wasted?
Opportunities never had or opportunities squandered?
Potential that was never allowed to be fulfilled or potential that was lost?
Dreams never followed through or dreams had and broken?
Families never made or families pushed away?
Love that never bloomed or love that was allowed to wither?
Houses never built or houses gone to ruin?

Which is worse?
Life lost young or life going on too long?


Kavya Ashok Kumar said...

I still think life lost too young...but it's a mix and match kind of a situation. Can't pick the worse one between two equal tragedies.

By the way, is this a return of the gloomy-style writings?
:P :D

Loved it either way - so small and so much packed into it!

Ayesha said...

Yeah, they are equal tragedies. But I do lean towards the life cut short side.

Hahaha. All are gloomy-style writings anyway :p

And thanks I say.

STALIN said...

hi Ayesha :)how can i see ??? its intriguing...want 2 see you :)