Wednesday, October 8, 2014



I cannot believe I didn't even realize it till today.

You turned six this year, Things and Thoughts *GASP*

I cannot believe it has actually been this long that I have been writing and updated this virtual collection of thoughts, memories and ideas. I have been very lax this year with the updates, breaking my two posts a day rule and I am ashamed of that. But well, regardless of the frequency of my updates, the point is that I have been updating this lovely dumping ground for ideas for a whole six years :O

I've been told multiple times to shift to Wordpress because it's easier to customize. But how do I just leave these six years of history behind? Nope. Not happening.

I do blog occasionally on my Tumblr blog ( and yes that is a bit of blatant self-promotion there. But this space is still where I come to vent. With its upwards of 35 drafts and as of this post, 272 updates, this blog has been a large part of my writing and growing up experience.

Thank you to those few who bother to read my rants and useless theories.

And thank you, dear blog.

Cheers and happy sixth!


P.S. - I got some great news today. And I need to put it somewhere to remember it, and well, that's the point of this blog. So YAY! It's like blogception where I'm celebrating blog being around by thanking blog for being around by using it to celebrate something else.


Harshad Barde said...

Happy birthday!

Kavya Ashok Kumar said...

You have the undying gratitude, awe and admiration of the "few".

Congratulations, love!

<3 :D