Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My latest poem..

I wrote this poem last night. Apparently my poetry comes out at night :D It's a lot of incoherent mumbo jumbo nonsense... I'm undecided as to whether I like it or not. I like a line or two but....

My mind is a maze
Only I hold
The key to its door.
Enter at your own risk.
The walls I build
Only I have the power
To destroy.
Those who manage
To tear down my walls,
Leave an indelible mark
On who I am,
And make me build
Stronger defenses
Higher walls..

I fear to open
The trapdoor to my memories
Long suppressed fears
Hidden doubts
Buried weaknesses,
Stowed away
Longing to break free
To consume and vanquish
Like a wild forest fire
Every question
Fuel to feed the growing flame.

People don't see
The battles I fight within my mind
Fires that rage within my soul
Covered beneath a mask of gaiety and joy..

My will power
My humanity
A lone flickering candle
Ready to go out
With a tiny gust of wind.

My smile hides the
Pain and fear within
The crumbling sadness
The overpowering loneliness..

The fire continues to rage
Consuming all it sees,
I can feel it eating away
At my consciousness
I know people can't see the flame smoldering in my eyes
I fear the day
When it will win the battle
and defeat
The core I fight to save.


nitya said...

dude, if you say you suck at poetry after this one, i'll hit you or something.

nitya said...

comma bang bang recoil third law physics bye.