Friday, August 15, 2008


This one is my most pessimistic poem. No one who read it liked it. I dont think I completely believe what I wrote anymore. Most of me does believe it I guess.

They are all illusions.
Lies created
By man
To fill the spaces
In his heart.
He grasps at the
Strands of nothingness
Which disappear
The moment he
Touches them.
These words
Are just that,
They dont exist.
These are just mirages
Which fade away
When you get closer.
People search,
Their entire lives
For these blank, meaningless
And all that they
End up with,
Are outstretched hands,
Left reaching out,
For nothing but

1 comment:

RAJ said...

WE all are living in search of real happiness to attain by choosing various paths(love,friendship,smoking,drugs,money,freedom,s*x,passions,power,orgasm,loneliness,struggles,suicides,service,meditation...)....every illusion is created around HAPPINESS....